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ClinicalKey - The Most Complete, Comprehensive and Convenient Medical Knowledge Platform


Michal Krupa, Elsevier, Poland

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ClinicalKey is an advanced, online search tool helping hospital executives keep their institutions current in the fast-changing world of healthcare, created by Elsevier covering 52 medical specialties. ClinicalKey is comprehensive, trusted and speed to answer device based on Elsevier’s medical content and Evidence Based Medicine.

ClinicalKey is unique unconventional tool helping physicians in their everyday work and personal development.

Among extremely large number of resources ClinicalKey includes FirstConsult – specially designed tool helping physicians in their everyday clinical decisions improving level of medical care. FirstConsult describes particular diseases and gives extremely fast information about causes, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and others.

ClinicalKey delivers all of Elsevier’s medical and surgical content in one dynamic resource, giving physicians access to:

  • Over 1150 top ful-text books
  • Over 620 top journals including Lancet collection
  • 1400 Topis Pages – Disease Overview
  • FirstConsult summaries
  • 5000 Practise Guidelines
  • Over 2,9 mln pictures, tables, graphs
  • Over 29000 medical and surgical videos including ProceduresConsult
  • Drug database
  • Patients education leaflets.

All ClinicallKey content is updated daily to keep medical information current.

Overall, ClinicalKey is uniquely designed to meet the information needs of physicians, which means that it delivers them the answers they need most at any stage of their workflow. With individual functionalities of Presentation Maker, Saved Searches and Reading List ClinicalKey allows physician to use and share information in the most appropriate way.

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Michal Krupa, e-Solutions, Institutional Sales Manager, Elsevier Health Solution,

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