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A Lot of Music for Just a Pittance. What´s Happening in the Matter of Sound Documents in the Czech Republic and Abroad.


Filip Šír, National Museum, Czech Republic


Iva Horova, National Library of Technology and Helena Novotna, Masaryk University - KISK

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Paper wants to point on at the national level until recently completely neglected area of preservation of audio documents. Over the last two years still in this matter much has happened, although the issue is not really anchored, and it is not institutionally strong supported. While it is newly captured in the State Cultural Policy 2015–2020, but its funding is not resolved.

The paper will comment all needed aspects of our activities: from putting together all relevant stakeholders, finding a common ground and the sources of financing, to surveying of existing collections, publishing discographies, cataloguing and implementing metadata standards, to development and implementation of tools and methodologies to help the digitisation process and the preservation and access of digitized sound recordings.

With this contribution, we want to highlight the progress in this area which we have achieved nowadays without big projects and money in the Czech Republic.

Author's professional CV

Author deals with sound documents from 2012 and seeks its conceptual grip on the national level.

He is co-author of portal Virtual National Phonotheque, National Sound Preservation Strategy and Methodology for digitizing phonograph records. He is active in presenting and publishing of this issue.

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