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Multilingual Vocabularies in Open Access: Semantic Network WordNet


Sanja Antonic, University of Belgrade, University library “Svetozar Marković”, Serbia


Oja Krinulovic, Mile Stijepović, University of Belgrade, University library "Svetozar Marković"

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WordNet, known as Princeton WordNet (PWN), is a lexico-semantic network which was created at Princeton University in 1985. It has been developing constantly.

Princeton WordNet contains information about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in English. They are grouped into sets of synonyms – synsets, and every synset represents a particular concept.

The main semantic relation among synsets is synonymy and there are also hyponymy, antonymy, meronymy etc. The next phase was multulinguality.

The project EuroWordNet (EWN) was built for Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Czech, Estonian and English. It had the new component named Inter-Lingual-Index (ILI) which connects the synsets in different languages with synsets in PWN. The next multilingual project was BalkaNet started in September 2001 and finished in August 2004.

The main goal was to align Balkan languages to PWN: Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish and to extend the Czech wordnet, which was part of the EuroWordNet project.

When the BalkaNet project finished, Serbian Wordnet (SWN) continued to develop according to innovations in Princeton WordNet (versions 2.0 and 3.0). Moreover, Serbian WordNet (SWN), is one of around 150 wordnets in multiple languages, which are members of The Global WordNet Organization.

This organization supports open access and connects all these wordnets to WordNet (Princeton or others that are linked to PWN). Finally, Open Multilingual WordNet combines wordnets in open access, data from Wiktionary, the product of Wikimedia, and the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository.

Author's professional CV

MSc Sanja Antonic – employed from 1997 as Information specialist for biomedicine and biotechnology in Department for scientific information, University library „Svetozar Markovic“, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Graduated Molecular biology and Physiology at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. Title of Master thesis on Faculty of Philology, Library and Information Science Department was „The Development of the Computational Semantic Network for the Biomedical Sciences“.

Working on PhD dissertation „Using language tools for information retrieval in biomedical sciences on Serbian language“.

She participated in many international professional meetings and conferences in Serbia and abroad (IFLA 2003, INFORUM 2008, INFORUM 2010, INFORUM 2011, „2nd International Symposium on Information Management“ in Turkey, Ankara 2010 etc.)

ReserearcherID in WoS is RID: B-1412–2009 and Author ID – 15519197800 in Sсopus. ResearchGate

Author of over 50 articles on English and Serbian languages in journals and proceedings of conferences. She has many presentation, lectures, courses and workshops about researching electronic information resources and many other topics about evaluation of scientific work at numerous academic and cultural institutions.

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