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Open Science on Wikipedia: Libraries’ Activities in Serbia


Aleksandra Popovic, University of Belgrade, University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Serbia


Sanja Antonic, Oja Krinulovic and Djordje Stakic, University of Belgrade

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Open science should make scientific information available. There is a tendency that scientific results are published immediately after the research. The application of open science has already shown that in that way science develops faster and raises the level of education of people.

In 2015 the University Library „Svetozar Marković“ in Belgrade, Serbia, started a very successful project Wiki Librarian in cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade and Wikimedia Serbia and the project has continued in 2016.

The aim of the project is writing articles in Serbian on Wikipedia and editing pages on other Wiki Projects.

„Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia which everyone can edit“. Wikipedia is used as one of the first sources of information. In order for an article on Wikipedia to be valid it has to be verifiable. That means that it must have appriopriate references and additional literature.

Librarians are experts in finding valid and relevant sources of information. They have access to reference collections, commerical and OA e-journals, e-books from rich library collections and printed publications.

Wiki Marathon Open Science was organized within the project and articles on the topic were created on Wikipedia in Serbian. They are connected with the articles on OA and open education, OA software, digital repositories and valuable sources of information.

Many libraries in Serbia joined the project whose aim is to put articles on various topics in OA and to make them avaialble to everyone via Wikipedia.

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Aleksandra Popović was born in 1957 in Sokobanja. She completed primary school and grammar school in Belgrade and graduated from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics of the University of Belgrade, Department of Molecular Biology and Physiology.

Aleksandra Popović has been employed at the University Library “Svetozar Markovic” since 1988, first as an information librarian on biomedicine and biotechnology and, since 2008, as the Head of the Sector of Scientific Information and Library Development and the Head of the Department of Scientific Information and Education.

She participated at numerous conferences and symposia and authored numerous professional and scholarly papers in Serbian and English.

She is also involved in lecturing, presentations and the implementation of accredited courses on LIS-related topics throughout Serbia.

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