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The INTERMI Project


Jana Šubová, Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o., Czech Republic


Marie Balíková, National Library of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Kunt, National Archives, Nadežda Andrejčíková, Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o.

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The article informs about the project called „Interoperability in memory institutions“ (INTERMI) DF1P01OVV023 realized in the Programme of applied research and development of national and cultural identity (NAKI) funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Collections of memory institutions form the heart of national cultural, industrial and natural heritage. The aim of the INTERMI project is to create an ontology and a conceptual model of knowledge which meets the requirements and needs of all memory institutions, enlarged by necessary semantic information which make machine processing of data possible.

The project is focused on entities; those are the base for linking of objects from collection of memory institutions.

The project also brings a new paradigm of data processing based on object-oriented approach which is focused on processing of entities (classes) and on complex relations among them – the aim of this process is semantic interoperability.

The project responds to needs of change of thinking about opening up collections to general public using Semantic Web technologies, the courage to critically evaluate the standards, rules, procedures and practices applied now by describing library, archival and museums materials and to discover new approaches, new possibilities. Within the INTERMI project we tried it.

It should be noted that the project has an impact on discussion among different communities from memory institutions.

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Mgr. Jana Šubová graduated on Comenius University in Bratislava in program Library and information science. She works as a library adviser in corporations Cosmotron Slovakia, s.r.o. and Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o. since 2005. She works on standards application to information systems for various memory institutions. She collaborated on project as Authorities for museums or INTERMI.

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