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McGraw-Hill Access Medical – The Science Behind Learning, Teaching and Practising


Yuan Bock, McGraw-Hill Education, United Kingdom

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Learning science or learning sciences (LS) is an interdisciplinary field that works to further scientific understanding of learning as well as to engage in the design and implementation of learning innovations, and the improvement of instructional methodologies.

For McGraw-Hill Education, learning science is our approach to improving educational outcome. Grounded in deep insights into how learning happens, it guides us to deliver tools, platforms and services proven to power performance and achievement. We harness technology and data insights both inside and outside the classroom to ignite the spark among teaching, learning and practising.

Today our learning science approach informs everything we do, including offering the world class medical platforms to the health science educators, learners and professionals.

We provide the users a vast of variety in products, from comprehensive platform such as AccessMedicine to specialised platforms in Pharmacy, Surgery, Evidence-based medicine (JAMA), Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Neurology and the genes and genetic research resources (OMMBID), etc. Altogether the 15 platforms provide students, residents, clinicians, professors and researchers with instant and educational answers from the world’s leading sources.

Our Access online products are frequently updated and feature a fully integrated drug database including pharmacokinetics, indication and contraindications; a curriculum workflow tool; and have external OpenURL-enabled links to primary literature via PubMed. All off the Access sites utilize responsive web design, providing a great viewing experience no matter what device is used.

The presentation will demonstrate our comprehensive online medical resource – AccessMedicine. AccessMedicine provides students with the references needed to excel in basic science studies and clerkships; gives residents, NPs, and PAs access to videos, self-assessment, and leading textbooks that facilitate decision-making at the point of care; enables faculty to create, track, and report their students’ progress through a curriculum tool that eases workflow; and helps practicing physicians with a complete spectrum of essential, current medical knowledge they need to conduct medical research, get instant answers to clinical questions, and provide better patient care.

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Dr. Yuan Bock has worked for McGraw-Hill Education since 2014 and has a PHD in E-Learning from the University of York.

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