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Czech e-books for Libraries - Market Overview, New Experiences from Charles Univeristy, Charles University Faculty of Arts Publishing eBooks and eJournals


Jana Matějková, Charles University Faculty of Arts Publishing, Czech Republic


Jiří Pavlík, Univerzita Karlova v Praze - Ústřední knihovna

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In the past year there have been several new purchases of Czech e-books in libraries on, Flexibooks, ebrary Proquest, EBSCO eBooks and Publi mKnihy platforms.

Charles University Library and with cooperations with the university publishers is providing univeristy e-books on Proquest ebrary platform, Proquest ebrary DASH!, EBSCO eBooks,, Levna knihovna and Publi mKnihy.

In partnership with public libraries as The Research Library in Czech Budejovice they are available also e-lending on and Flexibooks platforms.

In the lecture there will be presented an overview of the current Czech e-books market for libraries, current experience with e-lending of Czech e-books at Charles Univeristy and comparison with the development of e-lending in European libraries.

For teaching and research in the Charles University there are available e-books published by the Faculty of Arts Publishing. E-books are available on the platforms eBooks EBSCO and Proquest ebrary DASH!. Links to e-books are listed on Charles University Portal of electronic resources. Borrowing period of e-books for reading off-line is set at 14 days. After the expiry of the loan period e-book is automatically returneded and can can borrowed again.

Charles Univeristy Digital Repository accesses is hosting Faculty of Arts Publishing Open Access Journals. These are the twelve titles, which in 2015 passed into the Open Access mode.

In the lecture there will be presented e-books and e-journals published by the Faculty of Arts, available in Charles Univeristy Library and available for other academic and public libraries as well.

Author's professional CV

Jana Matějková is an employee of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University since 2002.

She is currently in charge of the distribution of e-books and e-journals from Charles University Faculty of Arts Publishing in libraries.

Previously she led the library collections departments of psychology, adult education and human resources management, culture theory, pedagogy, sociology, now Celetná Library.

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