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Civil Science and Civil Education in the Mirror of Digital Technologies


Michal Černý, Masaryk University - Faculty of Arts - Division of Information and Library Studies, Czech Republic

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Civic Science is an interesting phenomenon that allows the active participation of individuals in scientific knowledge. While modern scientific articles often only have very little ambition to popularize their findings and are strongly focused on a narrow professional community and the phenomenon of citizen science offers the possibility of precisely the reverse process – through hobbies laity (non-professionals) to work on current scientific issues. It is yet quite indifferent whether it is watching dialects larks or studying variable stars.

Civil science has an international context, and often targets the creation of strong communities across continents or countries. In the Czech Masaryk's specific context of civic education. The idea that against superstition, unemployment, as well as extremism and poverty can be successfully training is something quite fundamental, what would the library, but also other institutions should and could work. The topics of civic education can be selected in various ways, but we would like to point out a possible connection was actively operated with civic science.

Connection civil science and civic education creates (in the context of access to electronic information resources, but also online communities and open data), interesting space for the library, which could become the hub of this form of active participation in the growth of human knowledge. The density of the network of libraries, which is based precisely on humanistic ideals, could be due to the systematic support of both individuals and entire communities offer interesting historic renaissance of its significance.

The paper will focus on information technology and technical capabilities that enable libraries to run this activity, and we will try to highlight the opportunities that are actively associated with them.

Author's professional CV

Michal Černý works as a teacher at the Department of Information and Library Studies at the Faculty of Arts, which has been systematically technologies in education and libraries, information science and Information Education. It is the guarantor Masters honors technology in education.

Lecturing university courses Educational Technology, Educational Technology Laboratory, Methodist ICT, Information systems in education, Information society, Course work with information and Digital competencies.

He is the author of several books (Digital Information curatorship in the educational context, Webinars education: pedagogical and didactic aspects, Information such as an anthropological phenomenon, 12 Trends in Czech software economy: technological, economic, social and ethical aspects of ICT) and several hundred papers, which topics of technology, education and information.

In his work he tries to combine theoretical concepts with practice and experimentation. Since 2012, studies in doctoral study program General Physics.

In his spare time he enjoys thinking about Self-determined learning and Self-directed learning. These issues writes web

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