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eBadatelna (i.e. e-research Room) of the Zlin Region - the Regional Portal for Access to Digitized Cultural Heritage


Jan Kaňka, František Bartoš Regional library in Zlín, Czech Republic

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Post introduces portal eBadatelna of the Zlín Region, which serves as a platform to present the results of the regional digitization project from the years 2010–2013.

It describes the objectives of solutions and tools used in the design and creation of the portal. First user statistics for an initial period of functioning of the portal (January-May 2016) will be available and presented in the time of the conference.

Author's professional CV

Ing. Jan Kanka since 1997 in the Regional Library Frantisek Bartos in Zlín. Until 2005 he worked in the department for adult readers in the social sciences section, in the years 2005 to 2008 he was head of bibliography and information services.

Since 2012, he is head of the professional activities section of the library and works as a systems librarian. He also manages the website of the library, which was several times awarded first place for best online library presentation contest (Biblioweb).

He publishes in the field of bibliography and ICT in librarianship.

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