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Daniel Albertsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

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The SLU University Library has reached a point where almost every new acquisition is digital. Our current media budget is now 97 percent electronic resources and 3 percent print. The remaining print acquisitions are course books and a few professional journals.

Obviously this did not happen over night. The presentation will outline the transition we ha’ve made over the years, but will mostly focus on the present and the future. What challenges are we facing? The library as a physical space is changing when the print collections rapidly go out of date.

The increasing cost of journals is an ever present threat. All the different licenses, platforms and DRM restrictions for E-books are hard to convey to our users. How do students and researchers perceive the digital library? What about library staff?

What possible consequences come with increasingly digital collections in academic libraries overall? For instance, it’s undermining collaboration between libraries regarding inter library loans. Perpetual access rights are a potential problem in the longer term since digital preservation services are quite expensive.

But let us not forget: the SLU University Library is already there, and so far the benefits far outweigh the negative aspects.

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Daniel Albertsson is a librarian at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

He works with acquisitions of E-resources, which make up 97 % of the library’s media budget. Statistics is a large part of Daniels workday and he is a member of a national forum, led by the National Library of Sweden, focusing on the practical use of library statistics.

He is also a member of the COUNTER Executive Committee.

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