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CzechELib - Year One


Eva Dibuszová, National Library of Technology, Czech Republic


Martin Svoboda, Jiří Jirát, Jan Pokorný / National Library of Technology - CzechElib, Czech Republic

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The presentation informs librarians and information professionals about the current status, plans and views of the project of the National Center for Electronic Information Resources – CzechELib, which is co-funded by the EU Operational Programme Research, Development and Education.

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Eva Dibuszova

Graduated of UCT Prague in Inorganic chemistry, Ph.D. in the field of Management and Economics. After a career as a specialist editor in the biggest Technical Publishing house (SNTL Prague) she was invited to return to the university in 1993 to found the university publishing house.

In 2012, she was invited by the top management of the UCT Prague to create the Centre for Information Services, which includes publishing house, IT support for the UCT Prague and chemTK, which integrates the former UCT central library, with the National Library of Technology (NTL) and later also the library IOCB ASCR.

She is co-author of the project of the National Center for Electronic Information Resources (IPS OP VVV – CzechELib) which started on January 1st 2017. Currently, she is a director of the CzechELib project in NTL.

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