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Adéla Jarolímková, Charles University - Faculty of Arts - Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Czech Republic


Barbora Drobíková, Martin Souček / Charles University - Faculty of Arts - Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Czech republic

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Management and sharing of research data are one of the new topics for academic libraries, but the situation in the Czech Republic has not been sufficiently described so far. The paper presents results of a survey that has been carried out at the beginning of this year at the Charles University as a part of international study focused on research data.

The goal of the research was to find out which data researchers use and create, whether they share or are willing to share their data and whether they are aware of basic data management principles. The survey was created for a study in Great Britain, France and Turkey, and subsequently was used in more than fifteen countries including the Czech Republic.

In total, 1434 completed questionnaires were collected at the Charles University. The results show that most respondents share their data in a certain way, even though not openly, but almost half of them has some concerns about it, especially about the possibility of data misuse or misinterpretation. Although the respondents are familiar with basic concepts of data management, they do not use data management plans for their current projects and they are not sure about their usefulness. There is also an uncertainty as to the institutional guidelines for data management. Overall the research shows that this topic is important for researchers, but remains to be solved on the institutional le­vel.

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Adéla Jarolímková, senior lecturer of the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, specializes in information retrieval and information resources in medicine and related fields.

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