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Quo Vadis, Search?


Vilém Sklenák, University of Economics, Prague - Faculty of Informatics and Statistics - Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering, Czech Republic

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Can the search tools's something surprising, or we have a captive routines? They are on sight any interesting news? They have a chance contextual search, digital assistants and more emphasis on mobile search?

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Associate professor and head of the department at department information and knowledge engineering. Main research area is information retrieval a electronic processing of documents.

He guaranteed courses for study programm of Applied Informatics and also for other study programms at Prague University of Economics.

Author of monography „Data, information, knowledge and Internet“ (in Czech) – C. H. Beck, 2001. He collaborate with Centre of Information and Library Services on automation of library processes and on implementation of new technologies.

He develope and administrate database of publication activities on Prague University of Economics.

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