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Koordinátor sekce: Jakub Petřík, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o.

Čas a místo: 26. 5., 09:00 - 09:35, Posluchárna D

Informetrické hodnocení elektronického časopisu EBIB

Aneta Ostrowska, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Polsko
Materiály ke stažení

Purpose of this paper is to present research results on informetric evaluation of electronic journal performed in 2009. Informetric approach aspires to be the most complete evaluation method of electronic information resources, because it reveals impact of the certain source in various aspects. Not only the influence on sciences’ development and scholars’ society can be measured, but also wider public may be taken under consideration.

Informetric evaluation is based on different (bibliometric, webometric and usage) kind of tools and data in every stage of its application. The base of the method is to put the information source in an appropriate context by providing detailed characterization about it (including data on editors, policy, funding etc.). The research on Bulletin EBIB (polish e-journal on librarianship) provided rich information on its’ influence and value for public in printed and virtual world.

The paper also contains comments on the advantages, disadvantages, limitations, challenges and application of informetric approach to evaluation research.

Profesní informace o autorovi

Aneta Ostrowska is a PHD student at Institute of Information Science and Book Studies, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. During her Bachelors studies her main research topic was information evaluation and Bookcrossing as a way of reading promotion. Her master thesis was focused on informetrics and webometrics. She has been participating in INFORUM 2009, BOBCATSSS Symposiums and other. Detailed curriculum vitae in English is given at http://www.stud.umk.pl/…ENindex.html.


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