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Koordinátor sekce: Jindra Planková, Slezská univerzita v Opavě – Ústav informatiky

Čas a místo: 24. 5., 17:05 - 17:45, Posluchárna D

Statistická analýza citací srbských vědeckých pracovníků


Aleksandra Popovic, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic" - The Scientific Information and Education Department, Srbsko


Sanja Antonic, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Srbsko

Materiály ke stažení


The University Library in Belgrade has a long tradition of bibliometric analysis of citations in the Web of Science, spanning over more than 25 years. The University of Belgrade has 31 faculties and 11 institutes where 5000 lecturers and 2000 researchers are employed. In the last three years, we had 1093 requests for citation and found 79,767 citations in total. The structure of academic staff, the number of requests to create a bibliography of cited papers and the number of citations are not directly correlated. Most researchers are employed at technical colleges, and the largest percentage of requests and citations are related to the biomedical disciplines. Social Sciences at the University of Belgrade are represented by 25% of employees, and in the statistical analysis of the results of the University Library by less than 1%. We have done a statistical analysis of the number of citations for certain fields such as medicine, chemistry, physics, technical sciences, social sciences, etc. Those results will be presented more precisely in our paper. The most requests we had was in the year 2008 – 619 requests, because of the increased need for bibliometric analysis for the accreditation of higher education institutions. During the following years, we expect reduction in the number of requests due to transparency in results, the intensive academic staff education by information specialists from the University Library and dynamic ICT development.

Profesní informace o autorovi

Aleksandra Popovic (1957) – senior librarian, employed since 1988 as Information specialist for biomedicine and biotechnology in The Scientific Information and Education Department, University Library “Svetozar Markovic” in Belgrade. She participated in national and international professional meetings and conferences. She is author more than 40 articles on Serbian and English language. She lectured more than 100 presentations, lectures and educational courses on topic electronic information resources. She is Head of The Scientific Information and Development Division.


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