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Elektronické knihy v akademickém prostředí

Koordinátor sekce: Filip Vojtášek, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o.

Čas a místo: 25. 5., 08:30 - 11:45, Vencovského aula

Využívají se elektronických knihy v humanitních oborech?


Krzysztof Murawski, ProQuest, Velká Británie

Materiály ke stažení


It is a common belief that e-books are less conducive to studies and general research in the humanities and social sciences. As the reasoning goes, patrons in these fields are primarily interested in immersive reading and e-books do not suit this purpose. In this session speakers will present a case that this belief is largely false. Utilizing ebrary usage statistics that go back more than a decade and span multiple library types, evidence will be presented that suggests patrons do utilize e-books in many of the humanities and social sciences, and in many cases, utilize this material quite heavily. Speakers will interpret the data presented and discuss how findings here could better inform collection and acquisition decisions in libraries. Discussion with attendees will be encouraged.

Profesní informace o autorovi

Krzysztof Murawski is Regional Representative for ProQuest, Cambridge


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