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Streamovaná videa v akademické sféře a jak se je naučit využívat


Eileen Lawrence, Alexander Street Press, Spojené státy americké

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Many libraries have already invested in streaming video services. If you have – or if you’re making the decision now to bring video into your institution – engaging faculty will be of key importance. How can you show faculty ways to get the most out of their video resources? When faculty embrace video, the result is increased usage and best value from your investment.

This presentation will show you examples of creative ways faculty have used video to improve research and how they’ve integrated video into teaching for specific subject areas.

We’ll discuss clips and playlists, scholarly sharing, integration with course management systems like Blackboard and LibGuides, embedding, training videos, acquisition flexibility, discoverability, and other techniques.

We’ll also give you a sneak peek of a soon-to-be-launched, cutting-edge technology called MediaScribe that lets the user “decorate” a video with custom-selected audio files, images, annotations, study guides, and more.

We hope you’ll leave the presentation with new ideas for promoting video, building awareness, and creating excitement among your faculty members.

Profesní informace o autorovi

Eileen Lawrence, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Alexander Street Press:

Eileen has worked with academic libraries since 1980. She is one of the founders of Alexander Street Press, having served previously as Vice President of Sales at Chadwyck-Healey, Inc. Eileen created and manages Alexander Street’s sales teams globally. She has worked with regional and national consortia around the world. Her commitment to creative pricing models and universal access has made it possible for users at all types of libraries to access the content. Eileen is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and received her master’s degree in education from Antioch University. Before her work with libraries, she created a model school in which she trained education students at the university level, and she was named one of the top ten teachers in New England. She brings to Alexander Street her passion for the humanities and social sciences and her belief that a humanities education is the best preparation for a good life.


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