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Praktické uplatnění analýzy velkých objemů dat


Gary Holloway, SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, Velká Británie

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How is your organisation defining the path for collecting, storing, enriching, and transforming data from disparate sources into real-time business intelligence? Learn about the challenge of doing big data analytics successfully in order to extract critical, actionable business intelligence.

Recruitment – From placing unskilled temporary workers, through to headhunting the next CEO for an organisation, recruitment is a competitive, multi-billion-dollar business. The ability to increase fill rates and recruiter productivity are key to a recruitment company’s per­formance and ability to compete.

Fraud Detection – In any line of business or government activity that involves a lot of money, fraud will be taking place. The financial, healthcare, insurance, retail, and social security sectors are particularly prone to fraud. Yet the technologies and processes are available to enable organizations to drastically reduce the incidence of fraud.

E-Commerce – The exponential growth in e-commerce activities and transactions for online retailers are generating terabytes or more of log data every day, making log management and analysis nearly impossible.

Insider Threat – Costly data breaches may originate from external culprits or internal employees. But in many cases, an insider who has authorised access to valuable data can intentionally or inadvertently cause greater damages. And as data and accessibility grow, organisations – government and commercial, large and small – need to guard their data against these incidents.

Customer Data Analytics in Financial Services – Financial Services need fast and accurate access to customer data both for use by their employees and also for their customers – allowing greater financial performance and increased customer satisfaction.

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Gary Holloway, European Sales Operations Manager


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