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Jak zviditelnit elektronické závěrečné práce z vaší univerzity a zvýšit jejich dopad v celosvětovém měřítku?


Meinhard Kettler, ProQuest, Německo

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Graduate research submission workflows and publication of theses have seen dynamic changes over the last decades. Universities worldwide are running institutional repositories to showcase electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). However, not all academic output is easily discoverable by global end-users yet.

The presentation will give an update on ProQuest’s unique dissertations and theses database PQDT Global with over four million records and two million theses in searchable full text on one platform. The focus of the presentation is to highlight the free-of-charge and easily set-up options to disseminate universities’ theses through ProQuest by a non-exclusive agreement with the aim to increase authors’ and institutions’ global visibility.

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Meinhard Kettler, Academic Relationship Manager – Dissertations & Theses, ProQuest

Working for ProQuest since 2015 and facilitating partnerships with universities regarding theses and dissertations content. Experienced in the academic library & information business, having worked in various roles in the information chain for more than 20 years. Interested in publishing and sales of professional and scholarly content, as well as library and research workflows.


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