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The INFORUM 2002 AWARDS will be awarded to the five most important Czech and Slovak products, services or acts related to electronic information resources of a great importance to the Czech and Slovak information community since January 2001.




Digital Library Portal - CASLIN.SK - A joint project of libraries in Bielefeld (Germany), Brno (Czech Republic) and Bratislava (Slovak Republic). Slovak
Further Education & Training Centres of the Czech National Library and the State Technical Library in Prague  - For their training programmes aimed at modern information and communication technologies in libraries. Czech
JIB (Uniform Information Gateway) - Project of the Czech National Library and the Charles University Institute of IT, based on the most up-to-date software tools (MetaLib, SFX) and providing end-users easy access to a vast amount of information resources. Czech
KnowEurope National Licence - An important project funded within the VISK8 programme enabling access to the KnowEurope EU-oriented online service at a national level. Czech
VISK Programme - The first systematic multi-year financial support for public information services as well as a recognition of libraries as public access points to information. Czech

(the above awarded nominations are listed alphabetically)


Anyone could make a nomination to the INFORUM AWARD via a www form (in Czech) until February 15th, 2002.


Conference participants voted for the nominated products etc. on their conference applications.


The winners of the INFORUM 2002 AWARDS were announced at the INFOPARTY festive evening on May 21 at the Prague Klementinum.


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