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Vizuální kontextualizace : projekt VICODI

Sekce: Digitální knihovny: brány do naší minulosti
Autor: Edvins Snore, RIDemo; Lotyšsko 
Plný text (PDF)
Abstrakt: Visual Contextualisation of Digital Content is the focus of VICODI.

VICODI is a collaborative RTD project carried out by 7 partners from 6 European countries under the 5FP IST programme of the European Union.

The goal of VICODI is to enhance human understanding of digital content on the internet. This will be achieved by introducing a novel visualisation and contextualisation environment for digital content. The project will also provide an innovative set of multilingual contextualisation mechanisms.

The VICODI contextualisation environment addresses the management of search and retrieval as well as the management of information presentation, by:

  • creating a cumulative and open knowledge space that can be enhanced by its users
  • providing an innovative user interface that employs SVG for the presentation of information that has been contextualised with respect to LOCATION, TIME, and SUBJECT.
European history is the showcase application subject that VICODI has chosen to demonstrate the viability of its innovative information structure.
O autoru: Edvins Snore holds the degree of M.A. of International Relations. Since 1999 he has been actively involved in the newly-emerging multimedia sector of Latvia. In 2000 he initiated the VIRMUS trial project which was funded by EC under FP5 IST. VIRMUS focused on application of novel technology of 3DML to cultural heritage content representation on-line. The project significant also due to the fact that it is the first IST trial project coordinated by a Latvian party. Edvins has a remarkable experience in project management within the framework of 5FP gained during his activities in the National Contact Point of the 5FP in Latvia. He was the author and initiator of VICODI project which is now under way.

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