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Current Trends and Technologies of Digital Libraries
Session coordinator: Miroslav Bartošek,  Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Where: 25. 5. 2006, 8:30 - 12:00, New Auditorium

The DiVA System: Current Status and Ongoing Development

Author: Uwe Klosa,  Uppsala University, Sweden

Co-author: Eva Müller / Uppsala University Library


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The DiVA system, originally developed at Uppsala University, has evolved out of a scholarly repository and publishing system solely used by one university into a system used and further developed in collaboration with fifteen universities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The system consists of several modules which are entirely built on XML and Java technologies. This modularisation facilitates the replacement of parts of the system. Moreover, it increases the system's scalability.

This paper describes the current status of some of these modules. Furthermore it gives an insight into the ongoing development.

The DiVA publishing system supports work flows for printing as well as digital publishing of scholarly documents. The repository holds metadata and full-text documents for doctoral, master and student theses, for research reports, and for articles. The metadata and files can be accessed freely via a joint portal, local search services, or with OAI-PMH. The metadata and files are packaged and send to the National Library in Stockholm for archiving.

In course of recent development the Oracle based search module has been replaced with a new search module which employs the Lucene search engine. Presently the DiVA consortium is engaged in a discourse on the usage of DiVA as a repository for post- and pre-print. In addition to that the development team researches for ways to evolve DiVA from a repository into an archive following the OAIS model.

About the author

Uwe Klosa is a systems developer at Uppsala University Library, Uppsala University, Sweden. After graduating from Westfälische Wilhelms University, Münster, Germany, with a Master of Science degree in physics (Diplom-Physiker) in 1992, he worked as an IT-professional at St. Franziskus Hospital, Münster, where he was responsible for the entire IT-system and its infrastructure, including support, system administration, user education and programming. In 2000, Uwe joined the Electronic Publishing Centre (EPC) at Uppsala University Library. He is predominantly involved with the development and implementation of EPC's applications and the administration of databases. Furthermore he is responsible for EPC's server park.

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