13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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European Digital Library and Similar Projects Worldwide

Session coordinator: Adolf Knoll, National Library of the Czech Republic

Where: 23. 5. 2007, 8.30 - 12.00, New Auditorium

Towards the European Digital Library: Management of Cultural Heritage in the National Libraries

Autor: Zinaida Manžuch, Vilnius University, Lithuania



European memory institutions possess valuable cultural heritage collections that contribute to research and education, social and cultural integration of the European countries and regions. Bringing cultural heritage online is a multilayered activity, a mix of political, technological, and managerial decisions. The aim of this paper is to concentrate on technological and management issues of cultural heritage in the European national libraries. Technological aspects of cultural heritage management determine their level of preparedness to implement large-scale digital library initiatives. Managerial aspects reveal their potential for the European collaboration and networking. This paper is based on the survey of cultural heritage management in the European national libraries that was performed in the context of TEL-ME-MOR project funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme. There are several major findings. Strategic priorities of the national libraries are in line with the European information policy. Differently from the common opinion about possible gaps between the EU "oldtimers" and new member states, the later are well-developed and equal partners for implementation of the large-scale digital library initiatives. One of the obstacles on the way to the European digital library is the lack of the digitized content in national libraries. National libraries also should collaborate more actively with users while building digital libraries.

About author:

Zinaida Manžuch works at the Institute of Library and Information Sciences (Vilnius University). She is actively involved in initiatives and esearch concerning digitization of cultural heritage. Since 2003 she has participated in many international projects, including CALIMERA, TEL-ME-MOR, DPE, LIS Education in Europe. Since 2006 she has been representing Lithuania in the National Representatives Group, which is an international network of governmental bodies and experts for co-ordination of digitization in Europe.

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