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Electronic Document Delivery Services - Present and Future
Session coordinator: Milan Špála,  Charles University - 1st Medical Faculty, Czech Republic
Where: 26. 5. 2004, 13:00-16:30, Auditorium D

Modular Document Delivery System

Author: Bohdan Šmilauer,  State Technical Library, Czech Republic

Co-author: Pavel Vetešník, Státní technická knihovna


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The contribution deals about modular Document Delivery System developed by STL Prague. The development of the system is based on experience gained during the development of Virtual Polytechnic Library, which is carried out in STL. Modular DDS is written in Java due the portability. The union catalogue is not a part of this system, the desired document should be found out outside the system but related bibliographical information can de transferred in Open URL address during the ordering process. Users of the system must be registered in the system and have their own account. The order is sent from users´s web browser form. The order is stored in database together with localization of document. Digitizing point downloads periodically orders from database by special communication program. The scanned data are then stored in .pdf file and uploaded in the central database. The .pdf document is designated to be printed out only and is locked for changes. The user downloads .pdf file from its own www pages protected by user´s password and user is allowed to print it out. Accounting is processed parallel, the price is subtracted form user´s account and is added to the library´s account. The system is called modular because it enables communication with other installations of the same program and to transfer orders to others libraries equipped by the same DDS (analogically to Interlibrary Loans). Orders are transferred in standardized files together with data. Our aim is to reach compatibility with others heterogeneous DDS.

About the author

Ing. Bohdan Smilauer, born 20th March 1946 in Prague

Education: 1964 - 1969 Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, direction Cybernetic and Automatic Control

Professional career:

  • 1970-1991 VUMS Praha, Research Institute for Mathematical Machines, HW + SW development, I/O interface, peripheral devices, microprocessors, microprogramming for printers, magnetic tapes, disks and their control units, I/O channels, Principles of Operation IBM S/370, gate arrays, nets and telecommunications, 1992 - 1994 Škoda Praha a.s., head of technical support group, maintenance of PC, ICL DRS Unix System
  • 1994 - 2000 Ministry of Agriculture, department of statistical and information services, ICT manager, SW Microsoft, director deputy (1994-99), agriculture subsidize processing, communications programs, statistics, application programmer, support of application programs and PC users 2000 – State Technical Library, head of Information technology dept., database Oracle, programs for union polytechnic catalogue, Oracle Portal, Linux, Java, PL/SQL, protocol and Czech profile Z39.50, project LI200028 Virtual Polytechnic Library, project LI01018 Portal STM Science, Technology, Medicine, retro conversion of catalogues, personal and accounting system administration, active participant of conferences Seč, Inforum etc.

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