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Electronic Document Delivery Services - Present and Future
Session coordinator: Milan Špála,  Charles University - 1st Medical Faculty, Czech Republic
Where: 26. 5. 2004, 13:00-16:30, Auditorium D

Document Delivery Systems Used in Slovak Libraries

Author: Katarína Marušiaková,  University Library in Bratislava, Slovakia

Co-author: Daniela Tóthová


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Document delivery (DD) systems are becoming more and more popular in the interlibrary loan services. Library users demand quick and high-quality services and they are willing to pay for them, which is precisely the kind of service DD systems are able to satisfy. Slovak libraries first learned how to use document delivery systems when a German DD service called JASON had became into operation in Slovakia. This service was very frequently used and very popular. However, the Slovak libraries are now mostly using other foreign DD systems as well.

The paper provides an outline on the usage of various document delivery systems (Czech and other foreing ones) in Slovak libraries. Through a survey, we have tried to find out the current situation in the libraries that functionate as the International Loans centers in Slovakia, and also in other Slovak academic and scientific libraries. According to the outcomes of the survey, we will try to draw the current picture, as well as future prospects on using the document delivery systems in Slovak libraries.

About the author

The authors work in the Interlibrary Loans department of the University Library in Bratislava.

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