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E-books: Threat or Supplement to Traditional Documents?
Session coordinator: Filip Vojtášek,  Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic
Where: 26. 5. 2004, 9:00 - 12:30, New Auditorium

The Gale Virtual Reference Library - Taking eBooks to the Next Level

Author: Ulrike Engel,  KG Saur Verlag / A Part of the Thomson Corporation, Germany


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Thomson Gale is proud to present the new Gale Virtual Reference Library, the new platform to search through Gale’s renown and award-winning reference works. It allows libraries and institutions of any size to develop collections of eBooks at their own pace and within their own budget. It is possible to search through one eBook at a time or the whole collection. Articles can be printed, saved in the original PDF format and bookmarked without restrictions. Searching is made comfortable with an easy-to-use interface through any Internet browser – just like a database system.

Currently over 200 Gale eBooks are already offered through this system, ranging from Literature to Science, from History to Health, from Religion to Biography.

The paper will give an overview of the system featuring search examples and content. More information and a demo access can be obtained at the KG Saur booth at the INFORUM exhibition.

About the author

Ulrike Engel works as a Solutions Consultant for electronic databases at KG Saur Munich, a Part of the Thomson Corporation.

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