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Management of Information and Knowledge in the Business Environment
Session coordinator: Anna Diačiková,  Chemosvit, Slovakia
Where: 23. 5. 2006, 14:00 - 17:30, Auditorium D

Information Audit – the Way to Development of the Knowledge-based Organization

Author: Petr Očko,  Charles University - Institute of Librarianship and Information Studies, Czech Republic

Co-author: Michaela Dombrovská / Ústav informačních studií a knihovnictví, FF UK


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The information audit is a relatively new theoretical discipline that disposes of great potential of applicability in practice. Understanding of this term in the CR as well as possibilities of its application in the organization here are rather vague today. In fact, this activity should become one of the key competences of information specialists in the near future. Methodology of the information audit is being developed also within the IISL at the Charles University.

The information audit supports effective utilization of information regardless of their origin (internal or external), enhances efficient communication of information to subjects out of the organization, facilitates sharing of information within the organization and contributes to integrated perception of organization’s goals, values, culture and identity as such. Information audit is an activity tightly connected to the discipline of knowledge management and they supports it in its key roles: generator of innovative environment, guarantor of transfer of knowledge and of good practice from past to future, and supporter of continuous learning and extending of the knowledge base of the organization.

During the presentation at the Inforum 2006 conference there will be presented the theoretical framework of the information audit as well as its practical application at the Faculty of Philosophy & Arts, Charles University, Prague, as realized within a specialized seminar at this faculty.

About the author

Graduated from the University of Economics, Prague in January 2002 in the fields of European Integration and Management Information Systems. Since October 2002 employed at the Institute of Information Science and Librarianship, Charles University, as assisting teacher and internal doctoral student. Major area of research at the IISL are the topics related to information economy, economics of information and information / knowledge management. Involved in work of the Commission for information literacy and information education (IVIG), including active cooperation on conferences and projects of the IVIG and cooperates in activities of the non-profit association SPRIG – Association for the Development of Information Literacy.

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