13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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Management of Information and Knowledge in the Business Environment

Session coordinator: Anna Diačiková, Chemosvit a.s., Slovakia

Where: 23. 5. 2007, 9.00 - 12.30, Auditorium D

Knowledge Management in Modern Organization

Autor: Ludmila Mládková, University of Economics, Czech Republic



Knowledge Management is one of basic prerequisites of success of a modern organization. It helps organizations to use the knowledge of their employees which is very important especially for organizations that operate in highly competitive environment. Modern organizations are living organisms and knowledge is a media that interconnect their individual parts and activities. Knowledge management should be implemented systematically which organizations often do not do. Many of them try to implement methods and tools that do not suite their conditions and are not compatible with other subsystems of their system of management. Systemic implementation of knowledge management should interlink knowledge activities with organizational structure of an organization. Organizational structure is a framework of any organization and as a hard element predestinates what an organization can or cannot do. Any organization that chooses a knowledge management style incompatible with its structure fails to implement it. There are three basic groups of organizational structures. The article discusses their advantages and disadvantages for knowledge management in organization.

About author:

The author of the article works at University of Economics, Prague, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Management. She specializes and publishes in management, knowledge management and management of knowledge worker. The author teaches courses on General Management (for BA students), Management II. and Knowledge Management (for MA students) and Management of Knowledge Worker (for Community of European Management Schools). She is also involved in research, consultancy and other activities on these topics.

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