13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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Digital Libraries - Trends, Technologies, Solutions

Session coordinator: Miroslav Bartošek, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Where: 30. 5. 2008, 8.30 - 12.25, New Auditorium

ENRICH - Manuscriptorium in Europe

Autor: Stanislav Psohlavec, AiP Beroun s.r.o., Czech Republic



This presentation informs about the start of the European cooperation on expanding the European digital library of historical documents. This project is part of the Econtentplus program and is based on Manuscriptorium which has been creating access to the results of digitization projects, mainly from the Czech Republic (VISK 6), for more than four years.

The European cooperation leads to further enrichment of the cooperating partners (libraries, archives, museum and universities). The number of cooperating partners on the project Manuscriptorium has reached 50 institutions. It is highly probable that the number of digitized documents would also be growing. Publicly accessible principles of data creation are being used. This digital library has been widely used, but simultaneously there have been attempts to find and verify new ways of its usage. Very important goal is in this aspect of acquirement of the real multilingual environment, metadata, search instruments, as well as the possibility to confirm the ontology in this information system.

About author:

Ing. Stanislav Psohlavec - After graduation at Czech Technical University in Prague, worked in Czech Television, later in development of medical electronics. Participated on creation and leadership of first production plant of compact disc in the Czech Republic. With partners founded Albertina icome Prague s.r.o. company. Recently is managing director of daughter company AiP Beroun s.r.o. , which specializes on electronic publication, digitization and providing access to historical documents. Together with National Library of the CR has participated on national and international project on digitization, standardization, providing access to digital content and digital data preservation. Author is one of the founders of Manuscriptorium – digital library of manuscripts and rare printed books.

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