13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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Operational Aspects of Using Electronic Information Resources

Session coordinator: Filip Vojtášek, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic

Where: 30. 5. 2008, 9.00 - 11.50, Auditorium D

Exploit Your E-collections to Full

Autor: Helle Lauridsen, ProQuest, United Kingdom



The increasing number of Electronically available material poses new and growing challenges for the libraries: it is not shelf space and physical logistics which is the main challenges, but URL management, license agreements, linking problems and first and foremost how to make the users aware of this invisible virtual cornucopia of e-books, journal articles, text and images. A plethora of tools are developed to help libraries meet these challenges: A-Z lists, link-resolvers, federated search, ERMS, tools for managing statistics, new interfaces and new search methods. With academic publishing moving rapidly to e-only it is imperative that the libraries not only devises best practices for acquisition and management of e-materials but also for the dissemination and usability of these materials.

About author:

Helle Lauridsen is former head of Serials and Electronic Resources of the State and University library in Aarhus, Denmark, and she moved the library in the period from 2000-2005 to become primarily Electronic. Helle is now Product Manager for CSA Illustrata, at ProQuest.

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