Frequently Asked Questions – Exhibitors

I am interested in being a sponsor at INFORUM. How do I obtain more informations?
See the sponsor page for information about sponsoring INFORUM conference, or contact us via web form.
Could you possibly send me a list of last years participants?
We are sorry but we cannot do this as we cannot handle the personal data. We can provide you with detailed statistical records about the conference participants.
I've heard that there is a speaking opportunity for INFORUM exhibitors. Is this a paid speaking opportunity?
Yes, you have the option of giving a 20 – 25 minutes presentation on a product review during one of the conference sessions. This is a paid promotion opportunity.
I would like to ask you if the Company presentations are part of the program sessions or are separately from the main program?
The company presentations are part of the programme.
When do you want our presentation back or a synopsis of our presentation?
The PPT presentations are required by May 10, 2010.
When do we have to tell you the name of the speaker for the presentation?
We need the name by April 14 to be included in the printed programme.
I can't see anywhere the space where I should fill in the company description?
The text should be sent by e-mail to Ela Pokorna by March 15, please.
How long/short shall the company description be?
The length must not exceed 600 letters including spaces.
We have to know the numbers of inserts we have to foresee for the visitors bag, that's mean the numbers of participants you expect? Where do we have to deliver them? and what the dead line to deliver them?
600 copies (max. A4 format, not more than 3 sheets) should be delivered to the Albertina office (Stepanska 16, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic) in May 10 – 14, 2010.
We also have an advert in the conference programme, when do you need it back and what the dimension of the advert you need?
Advertisement in the Conference Programme should be delivered by April 14, 2010. The dimensions of A5 ad are 190×128 mm (WxH – i.e. „landscape“) and A4 ad 190×266 mm, both of them can be in full colour. Accepted formats are vector-EPS (Encapsulated PostScript excl. fonts – e.g. exported from Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw), CorelDraw (texts converted into curves) or PDF (300–600 dpi resolution).
I am working on the advert. Can you please confirm number of our stand?
When mentioning your stand at the advert – do not use the numbers of stands (e.g. B1, A5, etc.). These are used only for ordering. We will use the layouts with company's logos in the printed programme.
Do you have any pdf at hand that gives an idea of the printed programme?
Yes, we can send you an Inforum 2009 printed programme as PDF file, contact Ela Pokorna for more information, please.
I am starting to make travel arrangments and I would like to know if we have to arrive a day before to build the stand.
There is time from 8 – 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 25, morning to build your stand.
Can you please let me know the times of set up and breakdown.
The exhibition will open on the first day of the conference on Tuesday, May 25 at 10 a.m., and close on Thursday May 27 at 15 p.m.
I am still unsure whether we have internet connection with our stand.
Yes, you have, internet connection is provided for free to all exhibitors.
I don't seem to have a record of where materials should be sent and the dates that packages will be accepted. Can you please confirm this?
You can send your stand equipment to the Albertina office (Ela Pokorna, Stepanska 16, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic) by May 18. Sign all your packages „for a stand“. We will transport all the materials to the University on Monday, May 24.
Who is the contact person (and their telephone number) of where we are sending our stand materials to? Our courier company needs this information.
It is Ms. Ela Pokorna, tel. +420–2–2223 1212.
I am sure I received the online registration form you tell me about, but I'm sure I've lost it as well… Would it be possible to send it again?
Yes, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a help.
Can you book me a hotel room as well ? What's the deadline to book to be sure to get a room?
Yes, we can recommend you Hotel Jalta**** and Hotel Amarilis**** which offer special prices to Albertina's bu­siness partners. Be sure to contact Ela Pokorna when making the reservation. More information about this topic.
Please can you confirm when I can arrange a couriercollection for the return material. Which address should I use for the return pick up?
It is possible to collect your boxes at the university (University of Economics, Vencovsky Aula, Namesti Winstona Churchilla 4, 130 67 Prague 3) on Thursday by 3 p.m. or on Monday in Albertina office (Albertina icome Praha, Stepanska 16, Prague 1, 110 00) from 9. a.m. – 4 p.m. Label up all boxes with your address, please.
Who can I go to with any questions?
Please write to Ms. Ela Pokorna via email and she will be happy to provide answers.


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