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Tools and Ways Used for the Evaluation of Results of Research and Development

Session coordinator: Ivana Laiblová Kadlecová, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic

Time and venue: May 27, 8:30 AM - 12:05 PM, Vencovsky Aula

Trends in Subject Categories of WOK (JCR) in 1998-2008 and the Role of the Categories in Current Evaluation of R&D Results

Věra Kroftová, Agrotest fyto, Ltd., Czech Republic
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The paper is focused on important changes in subject categories in WOK (JCR) in the period of 1998–2008. It was found that the number of categories increased from 160 in 1998 to 173 in 2008. The largest number of changes took place in 2000 (8 categories were added and 10 categories were renamed). The biggest differences in the increase and decrease in journals included in categories were examined. The most significant increase in journals (more than 30 titles) was found in 20 categories (among others, e.g. CLINICAL NEUROLOGY or ONCOLOGY). Some of these categories were established not before the period evaluated (e.g. NANOSCIENCE & NANOTECHNOLOGY). A decline in the number of journals by 30 and more was found in three categories (e.g. ROBOTICS).

A total number of journals in the category and position of a journal in the category ranked according to journal IF are main indicators for scoring individual journals as well as R&D results published in them. The journal ranked the first in all categories where included is scored 305. All journals that rank in their categories in the middle of the item list have a level of IF median of the category are scored 25,09–25,67, i.e. accounting for 8,2 – 8,5% of scores of all possible ones. This high level forces researchers to publish the results in highly evaluated journals.

Author's professional CV

Mgr. Věra Kroftová is a head of the library and information centre at the Agricultural Research Institute Kroměříž, Ltd., and provides information services for the Agrotest fyto, Ltd. She conducted several information projects and provides information services for scientists and researchers and collects their publications.

Since 2007, she has been responsible for the evaluation of the researchers´ publication activity. She also worked in organizing committees of two international conferences. She works in SKIP (Union of Librarians and Information Specialists), and she is a member of the professional organization IAALD (International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists). She has taken part in information conferences and workshops with her contributions. In 2005, she participated in the 11th IAALD Congress in Lexington, USA.

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