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Poznań University Library in Web 2.0 – A Development of User-Friendly Digital Communication System and the Resulting Benefits and Value


Zaneta Szerksznis, Adam Mickiewicz University - Poznań University Library, Poland


Maria Lamberti, Monika Theus - Adam Mickiewicz University - Poznań University Library, Poland

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The goal of the present paper is to summarize and outline the methods for maintaining communication with library users that are currently used at Poznan University Library with the application of digital media technology. Over time, digital tools of communication have become extremely helpful, almost indispensable, in encouraging new patrons to register with and make use of the library, and in maintaining and developing collaboration within the Web.2.0 community, both on a global and the local, academic, scale.

Being static in nature, the www site is then enhanced and supported by dynamic forms of communication, such as internet forums, newsgroups, chat services, videoconferencing, and online sessions that are designed to be run in real time.

The creative force behind social relations with the Library has been developed by interactive social networking services, such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube as well as internet communicators that are integrated on the Ask a Librarian platform. As a result, the Library services have been adjusted to fit users who are more and more expecting the types of services offered through a Library 2.0 perspective, with user-oriented communication services.

The Library has gone through changes for its users and develops along with them. The available platforms and social networking services provide unique data on the emerging new needs and expectations concerning the provision of information to the target end-user – Patron 2.0, which triggers improvement in already existing services and the creation of new ones.

The Library monitors available services and the needs of its patrons with concurrently carried out research projects. Digital technologies that are taken advantage of in communication make it possible for the library to come closer to its users, to be more available and to, ultimately, become a partner for regular and occasional users alike. Poznań University Library is an active member in a number of EU-sponsored cataloging and digitization projects, co-operates with the WBC digital library, and is involved in the implementation of new technologies and solutions enhancing the quality of library services. The Library hosts many culture-forming activities, such as Poznań Debates on Comic Books or deBiUty), as well as is engaged in education in information retrieval techniques.

Poznań University Library is a member of many international organizations: LIBER (Ligue des bibliothèques européennes de recherche), IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres), CERL – the Consortium of European Research Libraries. This paper is also presented in poster form inviting other libraries to cooperate with us.

Author's professional CV

Żaneta Szerksznis academic librarian

1996– to date Poznań University Library, responsible for the content and the layout of the Library’s web-pages; works at the University System of Information(USI), at the Ask a librarian Service, student’s teacher on information resources at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Cultural Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University 2011 Workshop: TRAINING THE TRAINERS IN INFORMATION LITERACY – IFLA Information Literacy Section, Warsaw. The scope of workshop: information literary in higher education, creation and implementation of information literacy programes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd cycle of studies 2009 – Study visit at University of Coruna during the STELLA Programe of Staff Mobility Universities of Commpostela Group in scope of e-learning and Library 2.0. 2000 – Training Course for Legal Information Specialists Asser College Europe, The Hague 1999/2000 – Postgraduate study in Advertising and Promotion at Institute of Political Sciences and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan Publications: Szerksznis, Ż.: Polish Academic Web Sites and Their Users, Conference paper, INFORUM 2005: 11th Annual Conference, Prague 23–26 May 2005 [online]. Available at: ISSN 1801–2221 Szerksznis, Ż., Mikołajska, A.: Cooperation through innovation in cataloguing and digitizing process of periodicals in Poznan University Library. Poster at the LIBER 38th Annual General Conference. Innovation through Collaboration, University of Toulouse, France 30 June 2009 <>

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan University Library Research Information and Knowledge Transfer Department phone: 61 829 3849 ul. Ratajczaka 38/40 61–816 Poznań, Poland

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