Proceedings 2012

INFORUM 2012: 18th Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources, Prague 22–24 May 2012 [online]. Praha: Albertina icome Praha, 2009. Available at: ISSN 1801–2221.

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Andrukhiv Andriy

The Process of the Development of Institutional Repositories in Ukraine

(Co-authors:  Mariia Sokil, Lviv Polytechnic National University - Department of Transport Technology, Ukraine / Renata Samotyy, Scientific Library of Lviv Polytechnic National University - Scientific and Methodological Department, Ukraine)

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Budínský Lukáš

Institutional Repository - An Efficient Tool to Support Science and Research

(Co-authors:  Ondřej Fabián, Tomas Bata University in Zlín - Library, Czech Republic)

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Day Paul

Helping Researchers Rediscover Library Resources

(Co-authors:  Krassimira Anguelova, CAB International, United Kingdom)


Doleželová Jana

Information Resource Used for Evaluation - From a A & I Database to an Institutional Repository

(Co-authors:  Zdeňka Chmelařová, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic)

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Drozda Jiří

Library Has(Not) to be Canceled - (Un)Common Problems of (Un)Usual Library

(Co-authors:  Hana Hubínková, Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, Czech Republic )

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Gřešáková Vanda

Activities of the e:Citace Project and New Features on the Portal

(Co-authors:  Markéta Řehůřková, Zuzana Teplíková, Matěj Režnický, Petra Šolcová, Hana Čechová, Masaryk University - Faculty of Arts - Division of Information and Library Studies, Czech Republic / Martin Krčál, Masaryk University, Czech Republic)

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Katuščák Martin

Comprehensive Processing of Written Cultural and Scientific Heritage of the Slovak Republic

(Co-authors:  Miroslav Čapkovič, Slovak National Library, Slovakia)

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Krejzek Tomáš

Verbis, Portaro - A New Generation of Library Systems

(Co-authors:  Václav Trunec, Petr Štefan, KP-SYS, Czech Republic)

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Kudelová Jiřina

Electronic Information Resources for Scientific and Academic Research at the Silesian University in Opava

(Co-authors:  Jindra Planková, Silesian University in Opava - The Institute of Computer Science, Czech Republic)

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Matějková Jana

Czech eBooks and eBooks Acquisition Hints

(Co-authors:  Jiří Pavlík, Charles University in Prague - Computer Centre, Czech Republic)

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Mikovcová Hana

Mlynář Jakub

Videotaped Witness Testimonies from the USC Shoah Foundation Institute's Visual History Archive as Educational Resource

(Co-authors:  Martin Šmok, University of Southern California - Shoah Foundation Institute, United States)

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Němečková Lenka

Open University: The Role of the University Library and the Shifting in Scholarly Communication Paradigm

(Co-authors:  Věra Pilecká, Helena Kováříková, Czech Technical University in Prague - Central Library, Czech Republic)

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Pavlík Jiří

eBooks Mobile Applications & Tablets, eReaders Tips

(Co-authors:  Jana Matějková, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Arts - Celetná Library, Czech Republic)

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Pejšová Petra

OpenGrey = New OpenSIGLE

(Co-authors:  Christiane Stock, French National Center for Scientific Research - Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, France)

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Petřík Jakub


(Co-authors:  Klára Loukotová, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic)


Ráb Petr

Evaluation in the Academy of Sciences 2011 – Positives and Failures

(Co-authors:  Ivana Laiblová Kadlecová, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Academy Council / Leoš Horníček, Head Office of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)


Stolić Dragana

Establishing Digital Repositories at Western Balkan Universities: Implementation of PHAIDRA System, Educational Activity and Regional Cooperation

(Co-authors:  Bogoljub Mazić, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Serbia / Gordana Mazić, Institute of Information Science, Slovenia)

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Szerksznis Zaneta

Poznań University Library in Web 2.0 – A Development of User-Friendly Digital Communication System and the Resulting Benefits and Value

(Co-authors:  Maria Lamberti, Monika Theus - Adam Mickiewicz University - Poznań University Library, Poland)

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Timotijevic Tatjana

m.KoBSON: A Step Closer to the New Technologies

(Co-authors:  Biljana Kosanovic, National Library of Serbia - Center for Scientific Information)

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Vojtíšek Vojtěch

Vuksan Vesna

A Gateway to European Newspapers Online: Building Common History and Identity Around Digital Materials

(Co-authors:  Adam Sofronijevic, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Serbia)

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Żurek Adam

Digitalization of Cultural Heritage and Databases for Historical Sciences – Together or Separately?

(Co-authors:  Joanna Pawliniak, Wrocław University Library - Department for Scientific Documentation of Cultural Heritage, Poland)

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