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How Can Elsevier SciVal Solutions Support Czech Researchers and Research Management


Piotr Golkiewicz, Elsevier B.V., Poland

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In today’s demanding times, management of research institutions becomes increasingly complex. Decision makers need objective and up-to-date factual information to efficiently and effectively organize their research organizations. This information is required to evaluate strengths and competencies of research institution in order to setup its research strategy. It is also necessary to assess if research centers are structured in the most optimal way and whether the right people are in the right place. University leaders may benefit greatly by identification of authors fostering inter(national) collaboration, which in majority of cases leads to more successful research projects and increased funding. Based on Scopus data Elsevier has developed new generation of tools aiming at supporting resolution of these challenges. These tools, collected within the SciVal suite of products deliver comprehensive and integrated workflow solutions to help you evaluate, establish and execute your research strategies and performance assessments.

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Piotr Golkiewicz – Product Sales Manager for Central and Eastern Europe at Elsevier. Graduated as Chemist from University of Lublin, Poland. Worked for 5 years as a researcher and academic teacher at the university. Next 13 years he spent in various business entities gaining business experience in Sales and Marketing. Since 6 years with Elsevier at the position of Country Manager for Poland and Baltic States. As from 2012 he moved to the position of Product Sales Manager, responsible for Elsevier database products in the area of Central and Eastern Europe.

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