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Online Retrieval Strategies and the Work with Electronic Resources from the Perspective of Didactic Approaches and Principles


Richard Papík, Silesian University in Opava / Charles University in Prague - Central Library, Czech Republic

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Didactic approaches to different user groups in classrooms during training lectures with electronic resources and online retrieval techniques.

Advanced and good practices, mistakes. Disadvantages and advantages of the traditional methods in comparison with modern tools and procedures. Methods of analysis and decision-retrieval problems. Examples from online systems and from courses for different user groups. Possible ways to the future.

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Richard Papik works currently as an associate professor at the Institute of Bohemistic Studies and Librarianship at Silesian University in Opava and part-time at the Central Library of Charles University.

He is in the education sector since 1994, in the years 2002–2012 led the Institute of Information and Studies and Librarianship (Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague).

Until 1994 he worked for ten years in practice of scientific and technical information, online information services, online databases and online vendors. See also at

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