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Markéta Hyndráková, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Science - Map Collection, Czech Republic

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Introducing portal, which was created at the Faculty of Charles University in Prague in late 2015 under the project TEMAP – Technology for discovering map collections of the Czech Republic (2011–2015 along with MZK and MU in Brno).

The project aims to create new procedures, methodologies and software tools for processing, protecting and on-line visualization of map collections. UK created a web portal named, which presents its results.

The portal is divided into 12 sections. The most important is a metadata catalog to browsing or searching by geographic area or metadata in 65,000 digitized maps. Other outputs include virtual models of globes and geomorphological or building models and virtual models of plastic maps, which you can freely rotate and zoom.

In georeferencing section users can old scanned map geographically locate and compare it with the current situation in the area.

Another section of the portal will take you on specialized sites of significant cartographers, introduce new certified methodologies, specialized maps, exhibitions, e-learning course or cartometric software for analysis and identification of unknown cartographic projection old maps.

Author's professional CV

Ing. Marketa Hyndrakova studied Geodesy and Cartography at the Czech Technical University. More than three years working as a curator of the map collection at the Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

For the TEMAP project she worked on the digitization fund of Map collection and participated to digitizing Globes and making them available on the Internet.

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