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Competencies of Digital Curator


Michal Konečný, Information Analyst and Consultant, Czech Republic

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Digital curation is an established discipline with its own history, institutions and expert community. It has been developing especially in the recent decade but it took roots much deeper in the history.

Digital curatorship aims at the effort to ensure that digital information should not only be stored safely in long-term horizon but also keep its information value and usability.

Curator approach is applied within the whole life cycle of digital information, from its origin through planning of a storage method to the way of interpreting and spreading.

A curator must not only be a capable digital librarian but also a negotiator, manager and analyst. On the basis of these competencies a competence model of a digital curator can be formed as a professional capable of managing vast digital collections in archives and academic institutions.

Several models have been created abroad and to some extent they are used in creating university study programs. In the Czech Republic they are not widely known even among experts that are concerned with long-term preservation of digital information. Moreover there can be a problem applying foreign competence models in Czech institutions.

Therefore a new competence model has been created in cooperation with the expert panel. It regards recent needs and conditions and allows for example to define the content of job descriptions or educational activities.

The model consists of fifteen partial competencies that are defined in three proficiency levels. With its aid, regarding specific requirements,it is possible to create the profile of a digital curator that is tailored to the needs of the specific institution.

Author's professional CV

Michal Konečný is an analyst and consultant with twenty-year's experience in the field of creating and developing of internet applications. He is interested in analysing functional demands and designs of internet portals.

Recently he has been cooperating closely with the digital agency Proof & Reason, where he is concentrated on developing of a vast e-commerce solution.

In 2016 he graduated from Masaryk University, Division of Information and Library Studies, where he first met the discipline of digital curatorship. He has got involved in the topic as when working he often solves problems of long-term protection of digital information, and so he has decided to study this area in depth.

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