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Evaluation: What Does it Mean for Research, Development and Innovation System


Jitka Moravcová, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic


Daniel Munich, CERGE-EI and Vlastimil Růžička, The Technology Centre ASCR

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The individual national project of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) „Effective evaluation and financing system for RDI” was solved in the frame of Operational Programme “Education for Competitiveness” supported by European Social Fund and national state budget. It finished successfully in October 2015. The objectives were: to develop and verified in a pilot exercise the proposal of new evaluation methodology for RDI and to design principles of institutional funding system.

The final outcomes arising from the collaboration between the project team, MEYS and a consortium of reputable companies headed by Technopolis Group open the door to National Evaluation of Research Organisations (NERO). The evaluation principles will emphasize the formative importance of the evaluation as a source of qualified information for the strategy decisions on all levels of RDI management. The essential aspects include the movement from the evaluation of quantity to the evaluation of quality, from the assessment of research outputs to the assessment of research organisations by means of informed peer-review.

The results of public consultations demonstrated that more explanation and debate are still required to clarify the position of the evaluation that should be taken. The feeling of the Czech research community seems to be deformed in such a manner that the evaluation is a competent way only in public money allocation. The implementation of NERO depends essentially on the authorities and stakeholders understanding. According to the resolution of Council for Research, Development and Innovation, one can conclude that now is the right moment.

In the contribution, the proposal of NERO, its connection with institutional funding as well as the lessons from pilot testing will be presented.

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Jitka Moravcová

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Principal investigator of the IPN project „Effective evaluation and financing system for RDI“

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