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Keep Our Sounds Alive: Principles and Practical Aspects of Sustainable Audio Preservation (workshop)


Dietrich Schüller, Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

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The workshop focuses on a number of key aspects of the preservation of audiovisual documents in the long-term.

It starts out with the standard, published by the IASA Technical Committee The Safeguarding of the Audio Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy, colloquially called IASA-TC 03. This standard defines background and principles of permanent content migration, the only viable concept for preserving audiovisual information in the long-term.

The second part will deal with of IASA-TC 04: Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects. Concentration will be on chapter 5, Signal Extraction from Originals, which is the key for success of content migration, as signal extraction determines the quality of the document for the rest of its life.

Last, but not least, IASA-TC 05 will be summarised: Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers. Carrier conservation has still its important place in audiovisual archiving, as by far not all audiovisual documents have as yet been transferred to digital repositories.

Consequently, handling and storage must be optimised until professional long-term preservation can be organised and financed. Additionally, original carriers should be retained after digitisation to the best possible extent to allow later reference.

Participants are invited to visit the website of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) and browse in advance or download IASA TC publications from…publications.

Author's professional CV

Dietrich Schüller, former Director of the Vienna Phonogrammarchiv, has been actively engaged in the development of audiovisual preservation over the past decades: He was/is member and partly chair of various International Technical Working Groups with a focus on audiovisual preservation.

He was with the Memory of the World Programme of UNESCO since its beginnings, and is presently member of its International Advisory Committee.

An author of numerous publications and editor of two IASA Standards on audiovisual preservation, he is also engaged in training seminars in Europe and abroad, more recently in Albania, SE-Asia, and Colombia.

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