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Reinvent! Libraries as Community Innovation Centers


Carl Grant, University of Oklahoma Libraries, United States

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We live in a period of rapidly accelerating change. Often the pace causes communities to find that change threatening, if not frightening, and their reaction, while understandable is best described by the phrase: “two-stepsforward-and-one-back”. Yet our communities don’t have the luxury of moving at that pace anymore because the cost is high. Libraries can and should fulfill the role of helping their communities to better understand, adapt and adopt to the changing technological forces and to do so in a smooth rather than a pendulum progression.

In this talk will examine how the University of Oklahoma Libraries and others are helping redefine their libraries as an intellectual crossroads and a center of innovation for new knowledge creation. A place where ideas are mixed, refined, tested and deployed into the fabric of the university community and society. The results have been impressive with lessons learned for all.

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Carl Grant is the Associate Dean of Knowledge Services and Chief Technology Officer at the University of Oklahoma Libraries. He has demonstrated his commitment to libraries, librarianship, and industry standards through his participation in the Coalition for Networked Information, American Library Association and Association of College and Research Libraries, Library and Information Technology Association and on the board of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO).

In recognition of his contribution to the library industry, Library Journal named Mr. Grant an “Industry Notable”.

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