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Creating a Successful Information Service and Its Contribution to the Organization
Session coordinator: Anna Diačiková,  Chemosvit, Slovakia
Where: 26. 5. 2004, 8:30 - 12:00, Auditorium D

Problems of Incorporating Information Centres into New Information Environment of Enterprises

Author: Anna Čabrunová,  Comenius University - Department of Library and Information Science, Slovakia


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Information environment of enterprises changed substantially during recent years under the influence of information systems and information technology development. On the basis of system integration, IS and IT became an inseparable part of enterprise processes and resources, a tool of efficient enterprises management. Integrated information system of an enterprise should incorporate the processes, services, resources and products that are connected with the tasks of the information centre. This article attempts to propose a solution to the problem from the viewpoint of institutional, professional and educational processes.The solution should be based on the cooperation with technological and managerials specialisations, that participate on the development of enterprise IIS. Future of information centres is directly linked with our capacity to cope with present trends in the development of enterprise IIS, enabling system integration and integration on the level of enterprise knowledge, IS and IT.

About the author

Autor works as an assitant professor of Depatment of Library and Information Science, Comenius University, Bratislava. As a lecturer and researcher she concentrates on the theory and methodology of information science.

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