13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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New Technologies and Tools for Electronic Information Resources and Services

Session coordinator: Jiří Kadleček, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic

Where: 22. 5. 2007, 14.00 - 17.40, New Auditorium

HAN 2.0 - Improved Management and Availability of eJournals

Autor: Vladimír Karen, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic


Christian Günther / H+H Software GmbH



HAN – Hidden Automatic Navigator is a management software does away with a lot of issues that become apparent when having to manage and giving access to eJournals:

  • HAN provides clientless off-campus access to eJournals for all authorised users! From everywhere, by any type of browser or operating system with no parameters to be set on client side

  • HAN provides detailed usage statistics - uniform across all providers, COUNTER-compatible, user independant

  • HAN provides license management – instead of buying licenses campuswide buy only those numbers you need by easily specifying the range of interested persons or departments

  • HAN keeps passwords hidden from users – when access to eJournals is given by passwords HAN keeps them away from the users by checking the users credentials and routing it to the desired Journal with a logon process hidden to the user.

In a nutshell:

  • HAN simplifies access

  • HAN saves

  • HAN enhances the security against unauthorised use

  • HAN provides detailed usage statistics

  • HAN manages the inventory and schedules subscription periods

About author:

Christian Günther: After his degree in Electrotechnics in 1987 the author was employed as a technology consultant by the worlds largest media company Bertelsmann. He specialised in CD and satellite technology and left Bertelsmann in 1994 to become a freelancing technology consultant. Three years later he was employed by H+H Software GmbH, Göttingen being responsible for H+H´s CD-line of products in Germany. In late 1998 his responsability was expanded and covers today worldwide sales and partner management at H+H Software GmbH.

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