13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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Electronic Information - New Solutions for Traditional Approaches

Session coordinator: Jiří Kadleček, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic

Where: 23. 5. 2007, 13.30 - 16.45, New Auditorium

Development of Information System’s User Interface

Autor: Jiří Jelínek, University of Economics - Faculty of Management, Czech Republic


Michal Hýsek, Jiří Lucký / University of Economics in Prague



User interfaces of systems for information processing were passed through significant changes due to technology development. Above all at data acquisition is however necessary to keep in view not only technological aspects but also stereotypes in the area of the human behavior and perception. The reason is that they have, together with the form of transferred information, basic influence on amount of time and effort that are needed for retrieval of requested information and understanding of the message. Development in the area of user's interface development is today concentrated above all on visualization and control. In the process of selection of the message form is generally accepted fact that „one picture is worth a thousand words". Using of visualization can significantly simplify the process of transmission and understanding of information. In connection with using visualization is however necessary to face some questions, e.g. for which stage of information retrieval and processing it will be used, what visualization technology provides the biggest contribution, or which specific tools are already available for solved problem. Considerable emphasis today insists on interactivity and easy control of information systems. Important is not only better usage of current approaches, but also using of innovative solutions rising from rapid technology development. The aim of this paper is generally present methods and tools used or applicable in the area of user's interface design of systems for information retrieval and processing that may contribute to better effectiveness of information transmission to users. Attention will be devoted especially on visualization technologies and new approaches in the area of control of information systems.

About author:

Ing. Jiří Jelínek, CSc., (born 1966), Associate Professor, Dept. of Information Management, Univ. of Economics Prague. Research interests: knowledge acquisition, data mining, web mining, AI, computer networks and information systems. Conference papers: The User Support in the WWW Environment. INFORUM 2004: 10-th conference about professional information sources, 25.5.-27.5. 2004, Prague • The Use of Graphs for Text Processing. Knowledge 2006, Hradec Králové, feb. 2006 • with D. Kunčar a J. Přibil: Visualization of Text Data with Graphs, Conference Knowledge 2006, Hradec Králové, feb. 2006 • Tools for Collaborative Creating and Sharing Iinformation and Knowledge, conference INFORUM 2006, Prague may 2006 • ICT Support of Collaboration in Educational Process. 4-th. National Conference about Distance Learning in Czech Republic, Ostrava 28. 6. – 30. 7. 2006. Grants and development projects (DP): Integrated Project of Support of Study and Administration Processes on Management Faculty, Univ. of Economics Prague with Modern Information and Communication Technology, DP of Czech Ministry of Education, no. 600/7, 2004 • User Support in the WWW environment, Grant of IGA, Univ. Of Economics, 2004-5 • The Use of Graphs for Text Processing, Grant of IGA, Univ. Of Economics, 2005-6

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