13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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Electronic Information - New Solutions for Traditional Approaches

Session coordinator: Jiří Kadleček, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic

Where: 23. 5. 2007, 13.30 - 16.45, New Auditorium

CSA Illustrata: Enhancing Search and Discovery Through Deep Indexing &New Products from ProQuest CSA

Autor: C. Alan Golden, ProQuest CSA, United Kingdom



Introducing the most important and innovative indexing advancement in over 30 years, CSA Illustrata provides web-based access to indexed tables, figures, maps, graphs, charts and other images contained in scholarly articles.In 2005-2006 CSA developed a new "deep indexing" method to extract tables and figures from journal articles, index each table and figure, provide a retrieval method to locate tables and figures or complete articles that contain relevant figures or tables, and link them back to the article. This unique tool provides researchers precision, efficiency, and relevance in the data discovery process. Users can display the full image, including captions and label text which can be easily saved or imported and used for presentations, lectures or research. Each table and figure extracted from a journal article is assigned index terms as appropriate for the type of table or figure (photograph, histogram, map, etc.), subject indexing, geographic indexing, taxonomic indexing, statistical indexing, and other relevant data using an automated indexing system. All tables and figures in an article are fully indexed and can be searched separately. A ombined "enhanced abstract" display shows all of the tables and figures within a single article along with bibliographic, full indexing, and abstract for the article. These enhanced abstract articles can be linked to the electronic journals collection of a library. Tables and figures are displayed within the CSA deep indexing system as thumbnails, most of which can be displayed in an enlarged format.

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