13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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Managing Effective Access to E-resources

Session coordinator: Milan Špála, Charles University - 1st Medical Faculty, Czech Republic

Where: 24. 5. 2007, 13.30 - 15.30, New Auditorium

Interlinking Between Primary and Secondary Information Sources - Scientific Digital Library in True Sense

Autor: Jaroslav Šilhánek, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Czech Republic


Ludmila Zetková / Institute of Chemical Technology Prague



Standard working habit in classical scientific library started at card catalogs or at shelves with encyclopaedia or other reference works and at shelves with secondary reference periodicals and lead users to shelves with bounded volumes of journals. At present, being both secondary and primary sources in electronic forms, it is natural that logical interlinking is realized by means of computer network. But there is a lot of aspects interconnected with realization of such linking, starting from purely technical questions which are at this moment relatively good understood and reviewed, up to some additional services and options adding comfort to users. And understandably, integral parts of such linking are questions about access and license financing and legal agreements. Regardless of not very clear picture of linking in real situations distinct trends in future developments could be clearly seen. Lecture will be based on demonstration of present situation in wide spectrum of resources including possibility to add other sources to the system. The most actual problems of linking will be illustrated and possible solutions will be discussed as well. It is now very clear that trend is heading to fully digitised scientific library in the true sense of this word.

About author:

After graduation from the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology he obtained his PhD in organic technology from the same institution in 1968. Starting carrier as an organic chemist mostly in areas of pesticides and organic sulphur compounds chemistry he has been steadily engaged in the fields of chemical information and particularly in its electronic forms. He wrote a couple of teaching text on this subject and he is lecturing courses on Chemical Informatics on the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. He has about 70 papers, patents and review papers in local and international journals and gave a couple of plenary lectures on Online Meeting in London (1997, 1999) as well as at the largest chemical congress Achema in Frankfurt am Main on the subject of management of chemical information and searching problems. He is also author of a couple of projects on promotion of widespread access to the most important chemical databases for all chemical or natural science faculties in the Czech Republic.

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Closing Address

Author: Vladimír Karen, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic