Poster Session at the INFORUM Conference

Authors will be offered to make short presentations about the poster. Of course, there is also the possibility for authors to be present at poster exhibition during whole conference and especially during the coffee break on Wednesday, May 31 from 10:15 to 10:45 AM.

Posters are expected to be 75 cm x 105 cm (width x height) or conversely. Posters will be displayed for all three days of the conference. Materials for putting posters on the boards will be available in the poster area.

For inspiration, please have a look at 2016 posters.

For more information please contact: Ms. Andrea Kutnarova

What Is a Poster?

A poster is very different from a paper or a talk, and so different techniques need to be used in its preparation. A poster itself is a visual presentation comprising whatever the contributor wishes to display on the poster board.

The purpose of a poster is to outline a piece of work in a form that is easily assimilated and stimulates interest and discussion. The ultimate aim is an exchange of ideas between the presenter and the people reading the poster. Posters are an excellent forum for informal and interactive presentations of early stages of research and late-breaking results from ongoing projects.

Usually, a poster is made up entirely of sheets of paper pinned or attached with velcro strips to the board, but there is no reason why other visual aids should not be used.

How to Prepare a Poster? Simplicity Is the Key!

  • Use big fonts for title, authors names and affiliations
  • Text should be legible from at least one meter (three feet) away (the typeface chosen should be considerably larger than standard)
  • Not necessary to write in complete sentences; sentence fragments may be easier to comprehend
  • Use bullets
  • Highlight the key words
  • Good use can be made of colours, graphs and figures
  • Please use plain background
  • Poster is usually formed from separate sheets of letter paper, but could be also made up of one larger sheet

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