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May 29-30, 2018, Prague

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New Building of Library of Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Charles University


Alexandra Vančurová
Charles University - Faculty of Science - Library of the Chemical Sciences


This poster is in the Good Practice Examples category. The Faculty of Science of Charles University built instead of an old dismantled warehouse in the yard, a new building of the library of chemistry.

Because it was built directly for the library, the current trend in libraries was taken into account during the construction, and then in the furnishing of the furniture. Libraries, from places filled with bookshelves, become social centers. The library was inaugurated 1 .6. 2017 by Rector of Charles University.

In less than a year, a wide range of events took place – from lectures, book launches to social events. New spaces allowaa the library to participate in events for the public, such as Open Doors of Faculty, Prague Museum Night, etc. The library also included the Chemical Olympics finale. The premises and events in the library serve to promote both the field of chemistry and the faculty itself.

About author

Mgr. Alexandra Vančurová works as head of library at the Chemistry Library of the Faculty of Science, and is an active member of the IVIG Commission at AKVŠ. She is trying to move the position of the college library from the „rental workbooks“ to the place of further education and the space for formal and informal meetings of students, academics and the general public.


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