24th Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources

May 29-30, 2018, Prague

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Wikipedia Wins: What Are the Environmental Students' Open Educational Resources Usage Patterns?


Eduard Petiška
Charles University

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Open educational resources are important innovations in educational technologies. Their proper use can have a number of benefits for both higher education and environmental disciplines. Conversely, poor work when using these resources can have a negative impact on students' knowledge. It is currently unclear what OER students use, how often and for what they use it, and whether they are able to determine any criteria of quality.

On the basis of previous findings, we developed a method, and conducted research in the form of a questionnaire-based survey. We investigated a) the frequency of use b) the purposes of use c) subjective quality assessment. Questionnaires were distributed in the environmental courses at five universities in the Czech Republic; 233 questionnaires were evaluated.

The results showed that most students use OER often, especially Wikipedia, both its Czech and English versions, although many of the students also have experience with the storage of illegal materials. Resources are especially used as a supplement and secondary resource, as a signpost to other resources, to prepare for a test, or when writing an attestation work.

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Ph.D. student at the Charles University Environmental Center. Dissertation thesis focused on Open Educational Resources and their usage in the environmental disciplines.


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