14. Konference o profesionálních informačních zdrojích

Detaily příspěvku konference

Digitální knihovny - trendy, technologie, řešení

Koordinátor: Miroslav Bartošek, Masarykova univerzita, Brno

Kdy a kde: 30. 5. 2008, 8.30 - 12.25, Nová aula

Digitální objekt: skrytý, nechráněný

Autor: Stephanie Krueger, ARTstor, USA

Plné texty


In the current networked age, libraries are negotiating complex information property terrains formerly traversed only by publishers and commercial entities. Many kinds of digital objects now touch the hands of librarians. Stewardship of these objects, in many cases already digitized before they reach the library, involves detailed description, presentation and – in some cases - preservation.

While the challenges of description and preservation are great, the question of presentation of objects can be one of the most difficult for libraries to solve. To whom and for what purposes can objects be presented? What rights are tied to each object, and what does this mean for their availability on the open web? Does it make sense for one’s library to manage such rights, or should this function of rights clearance – so foreign to the culture of many libraries – be outsourced to other entities?

Advocates of local solutions often see the role of library as publisher to be crucial to a definition of a new kind of library; others look towards centralized partners to aid local object holders. Combinations can also be found, and locally-managed digital object repositories, such as open-source Fedora, can interact with and leverage more centralized, rights-managed environments (e.g., ARTstor).

O autorovi:

Stephanie Krueger is Associate Director for Library Relations at ARTstor. She managed Library Relations for DRAM, a non-profit music resource (2006-2007), and spent five years at JSTOR in several capacities, including Assistant Director for International Library Relations. During this time, she worked closely with grant-funding bodies to support scholarship in many countries. She has published articles about her work in the Russian Federation and about the challenges facing academic digital music projects. Before selecting non-profit technology initiatives as her area of focus, she worked in the online media industry, designing several high-profile web sites for automotive and media partners. She holds Master degrees in Information (University of Michigan) and Educational Technology Leadership (George Washington University) and was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany (University of Leipzig).

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